At The Well

This CD contains 12 songs based on a variety of themes and songs useful for Liturgy and prayer.

The song ‘Spirit Alive'  was commissioned by the Association of Catholic School Principals as the conference song for the NSW Conference held in Wollongong.
The song ‘Gather On The Road' is based on Jesus' resurrection appearance on the road to Emmaus and was commissioned for the launch of the Religious Education Curriculum by the Catholic Education Office, Wollongong. It was originally released as a CD single to all Catholic schools in the Armidale. Lismore, Sydney and Wollongong Diocese 

'The Micah Call' was written in WA as a response to The Micah Challenge which aims to educate all in the UN's Millenium Devlopment Goals. One of these goals is to halve world poverty by 2015.

'The Good Samaritan Song' was written for the Sisters of the Good Samaritan in the year of their sesquientenary.
Check FIND-A-SONG for themes.

Song Titles

Music Samples

1. Presence
2. Spirit Alive
3. Gather On The Road
4. Here I Am
5. Take Up Your Mat
6. Come To The Table
7. At The Well
8. Thank God
9. The Micah Call
10. The Good Samaritan Song
11. The Light of The World
12. Celebrate Our Faith



At The Well - CD
Contains: CD and CD Insert with all song lyrics.


At The Well - Instrumental CD
Instrumental CD- Ideal for quiet music or to accompany singing.


At The Well- Music and Resource Book
Contains: Sheet music with guitar chords and a song lyrics page. Each song is also accompanied by a page of prayers, reflections and relevant scripture. Ideal for group prayer, staff prayer and retreat reflections.


At The Well - Package
Contains: CD, Instrumental CD and the Music and Resource Book.

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