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 In God and for GodThe Spirituality of Mary MacKillop in Songs and MantrasThis music is inspired by the lived spirituality of Mary MacKillop. These songs draw on the writing of Mary MacKillop to support prayer of praise, thanksgiving and worship of God, guided by her spirituality. 
Each song draws the listener into reflection on all that we are called to be, with Mary MacKillop as the model of God's heart and hands in the world. St Mary of the Cross' awareness of God in every aspect of her life and trust in her good God's will and providence gives all of us a way of centering ourselves In God and For God

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1. In God and For God

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2. Only What You Will

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3. There Where You Are

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4. All That We Should Be

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5. Nearer To You

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6. The Cross Is My Portion

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7. Love In Our Hearts

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8. What God Wants Me To Be

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9. As Long As You Are Glorified

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10. Providence

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11. The Whisperings of God

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12. Presence

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In God and For God - CD
Contains: CD and CD Insert with all song lyrics and relevant St Mary MacKillop quotes.
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In God and For God - Instrumental CD
Contains: Instrumental CD- Ideal for quiet music or for singing with.
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In God and For God - Music and Resource Book
Contains: Sheet music and separate song lyrics page. Each song is also accompanied by a page of prayers, reflections and relevant scripture as well as the related quotes and writings of St Mary MacKillop. Ideal for group prayer, staff prayer and retreat reflections.
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In God and For God - Package
Contains: CD, Instrumental CD and the Music and Resource Book.
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